Guided by Jane Wunder

Saturday, Febraury 22nd

9:00 am- 1:00 pm 

Beginner/Intermediate Adult Class 


In this watercolor class students will learn to mix colors for the different stages of the painting and which brushes to use.


We will first lay in a sky keeping it loose followed by a snowy mountain scenery using the paper to be the snow. We will paint in rocks and shadows giving the mountains a 3D form. Background spruce trees will be laid in after we float in the autumn colors.  Students will learn how negative space is used for this. Then we will have time to fine tune our work and add the final details of the painting.


Registration for this class closes on February 19th. Be sure to secure your spot by registering early. Come grab a friend, your materials and join the fun! 

Watercolor Step by Step- Saturday, February 22nd 9am-1pm


    • Foam core board for taping on the paper (dollar tree)
    • pencil  
    • eraser
    • old towel for table surface
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Kingman AZ, 86401
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