Guided by Crystal Palmer

Saturday, March 7th 

11 am- 12:30 pm

Beginner Class. Kids ages 8-12


Drawing People - an ArtHub Kids Class is an introductory class for young artists that teaches the fundamentals of drawing people. Students will learn the basic shapes that make up the human body, general rules of proportion, and how to draw the face and figure from different angles.


The class will begin with learning the simplified skeletal structure of the body, including proportions and movement. Then we will add mass to the skeleton using basic shapes. Finally, we will explore adding details to our people, such different facial expressions, clothing, poses, and light and shadow. 


Drawing people is a key element of visual storytelling, and is something that most artists struggle with. Learning simple techniques for drawing believable people provides a great foundation for young artists. They gain skills and understanding that can be expanded and built upon, throughout their artistic journey.

Drawing People for Kids-Saturday, March 7th 11am-12:30pm

    • Drawing paper or Sketchbook
    • Basic pencil sketching set (pencils, eraser, sharpener)
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Kingman AZ, 86401
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