Includes 6, 2 hour sessions

September 4, 11, 18, 25 October 2, 9

Wednesday's 5:30-7:30 


All Levels. Ages 12+


This course is intended for all skill levels, though someone with at least a basic understanding of drawing will probably get the most benefit from the class. Over six weeks, students will learn basic drawing techniques for animals, including how to draw fur, feathers, scales, moist noses, and eyes.  JC will teach step-by-step instructions from her book as well as other exercises.

Students will learn the importance of understanding anatomy and how to build both realistic and stylized animal drawings from a basic anatomical knowledge. The class will cover typical animal groups, including domestic animals like cats, dogs, and horses as well as wild animals (focusing on North American species). There will be opportunities to draw animal skulls as well as draw live animals.

Students will receive helpful critiques of their work and along with suggestions on how to improve. Students will finish the class with a greater understanding of animal anatomy, drawing techniques for animals, and guidance on how to continue improving their knowledge and skills after the course.

Drawing Animals. Guided by Jc Amberlyn

  • "text" Book How to Draw Animals by JC Amberlyn

    Students should bring the following to each class. 

    • A drawing pad with acid free paper Preferably 8x10"  - 18x24" 
    • Tracing paper is useful, though not required.
    • Drawing pencils. 2H, HB, and 2B are a good start, plus perhaps a 4 or 6B.
    • If you can't get those, then any sort of fine art drawing pencils.
    • Charcoal pencils and sticks can be useful too.
    • Eraser. I use a kneaded eraser but any artist's eraser can work.
    • Pencil sharpener.
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