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ArtHub is now the home of Kingman Center for the Arts. We are excited to bring new opportunities to the Kingman Community and with this new facility, grow as an organization.  

We will be offering art classes through our new Education Program! The ArtHub facility will alternate between gallery shows and education sessions. For 6 weeks the space will display art works from local artists where you can see their latest creations and get inspired. The following six weeks we will offer a variety of different art classes for all levels of creators. Whether you are just starting out or you are an existing artist and you want to enhance your skills, we have something for you!

Galley Shows in 2020

Jan 7th- Feb 15th

March 31st- May 9th

June 23rd- August 1st

September 15th-October 24th

Education Sessions in 2020 

February 18th-March 28th

May 12th-June 20th

August 4th-September 12th

October 27th-November 28th

What about the ArtHub residency program?

It is being phased out and replaced by educational art classes, workshops and experiences. 

When did ArtHub become the home of KCA?

KCA's first gallery showing in the beautiful, historic building was on Friday, July 5th, 2019 with a Black & White theme. 


If I am a beginner can I take classes?

Absolutely! Each class will specify which level it is being offered in. 

How do I register for classes?

Online. Once registration has opened for a class, there will be a link provided to register. 

Where can I get supplies? 

Information on supplies will be provided upon registration for classes. Some classes may provide supplies. We would like high quality art supplies. If you are buying art supplies we would recommend using Blick. 

What is the difference between a series class and a workshop?

When you purchase a series class you are purchasing multiple classes. These type of classes are great if you are looking to dive deeper into a particular art form. These classes may be accumulative and build off of one another. 

Workshop classes are purchased one class at a time. These type of classes are great for exploring new art forms to see where your interests lie or to continue growing in your current medium. 

402 E. Beale St. 
Kingman AZ, 86401
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