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ArtHub Instructors

February 18th-March 28th

Lesley Tipton

Lesley has a deep love of nature, travel and learning and is fascinated by human potential.  


She has been studying energy work and personal growth for her entire adult life.  


Lesley currently works as an emotional wellness and empowerment coach offering virtual energy clearing work to help women release past trauma energies, trapped emotions and limiting beliefs so that they can step more fully into the life they really want to be living.  She also offers virtual women’s circles, online courses and workshops focused on personal development.  You can find more information at  

Sandra Romanski

Dancer & Choreographer


Sandra graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in December of 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Performance and Choreography.  She was awarded the Outstanding Choreographer award from the university.  She has performed internationally in South Korea, Germany, and the Caribbean.  She has choreographed works that have traveled to Russia, South Korea and Germany.


After graduation Sandra joined Artists in Unity in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  With that company she did stage performances and dance for the camera.  "Silent Dance" choreographed by Lindsay Schaffer was selected for film festivals such as Movies at the Mill in Easton, Pa and Greater Lehigh Valley Filmmaker Festival in Bethlehem, Pa. Sandra also danced with Artichoke Dance Company for their premiere of "Plastic People of the Universe" in Brooklyn, New York as well as their performance of "Public" performed under the Manhattan Bridge Archway in Dumbo, Brooklyn. In the summer of 2015, she performed with the Red Desert Dance Ensemble in New York at the Check It Out Dance Festival on the east river. Sandra was a guest artist for Scottsdale Community College and choreographed on the SAJE college dancers in the fall of 2013 and the fall of 2015. 


Sandra at heart is a choreographer.  She has collaborated, performed and team taught with musicians and composers to experiment with the connections between choreography and creating a musical composition.  She performed with Erasable Color for their John Cage Centennial, which explored improvisational performance techniques between dancer and musician.

In 2016 Sandra gained her 200 hour RYT in yoga and is currently in the process of obtaining her 500 hr RYT. This has opened up a new way of approaching movement. A more wholistic approach with the mind, body and breath moving as one.  Sandra loves sharing movement of many forms and looks forward to encouraging others to find their voice through movement of the body. 

Sandra also serves as the Education Director at ArtHub & KCA. 

Sara Peterson

Oil Painting 

Sara Peterson is a third generation artist and art teacher. She graduated with a BA degree in Art from Southern Utah University in 2000. She married her husband Nate that same year and started teaching art full time while he began medical school. Nate’s medical training and military service in the Navy made for many exciting adventures. In 16 years, they moved 16 times, living in Arizona, California, Florida, Maryland and Utah. Despite moving and adding more children, Sara jumped into the art community wherever she went, finding opportunities to paint and to teach. 

Sara received her Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting from Academy of Art University in 2013. In 2015 she and Nate decided to make Kingman, AZ their permanent home.

Sara has worked passionately to build the art community in Kingman, helping to found Kingman Center for the Arts and building more opportunities to create and experience art.

Sara seeks to convey positive uplifting energy in her work, primarily through the use of color and texture in her oil paintings. She is excited to paint flowers, one of nature’s most joyful inventions.

JC Amberlyn

Drawing & Animation

J.C. Amberlyn loves art, animals, and adventure in the Great Outdoors. She is an award-winning artist, book author, photographer, and animator who graduated from the Art Institute of Phoenix with Honors and Best Portfolio of her class. She has written and illustrated seven how-to-draw books for Penguin Random House and Monacelli Press. Her creative goal is to create visual and written works of art that strike a chord with her audience and that express her love for the life that shares this planet with us. J.C.'s work has received a number of awards and recognition and has been published in various media, including fine art magazines, comic books and the New York Times. She was especially honored to receive recognition from the Arizona Game and Fish Department for her work on wildlife in 2008 (Outdoor Writer of the Year) and a community award from Kingman, Arizona for her contributions to the arts in her community (Women Making History (Arts)). JC loves epic stories, engaging characters, inspiring art, and the various forms of media that allow people to share these stories- whether they are movies, graphic novels, TV shows or video games.

Kathy Wolleson



I am very fortunate to be old enough that they still taught art in school.  I took metal art, ceramics, art theory anything related to art; but as I grew older my artistic endeavors had to take the “back burner” while I concentrated on education that could possibly be my future career.  So like many people who lived in Southern California I graduated college and got a job at an Aerospace Company, first Hughes Aircraft and ultimately Northrop Grumman where of all things I worked as a Financial Analyst and ultimately a Manage of Engineering Planning.  Me make a career out of Math? I hated Math.  But you have to do what you have to do in order to earn a living. 


While working I did take time off and spent my vacations taking painting classes.  One of my favorite was the Las Vegas Creative Painting Convention and then the World of Color Expo in Herndon, Virginia.  My career gave me the funds to be able to follow my passion.  I also took other classes such as quilting, tole painting, cake decorating, etc.  After the death of both my parents I even started a tole painting business, Kathy’s Country Creations, where I did Festivals and Craft shows making hand painted Christmas ornaments.  


Then three years ago I got the opportunity to retire and my husband and I moved to Kingman, Arizona.  I had previously taken a Bob Ross oil painting class at the Creative Painting Convention with Nic Hankins (he is now a Master Teacher in New Smyrna, Florida), “Calendulas”, I have it framed in my studio now and I was hooked.  I had never watched Bob Ross on tv or anything prior to that but now boy do I!  Upon retiring I looked at the Bob Ross website and saw that I could go attend classes in New Smyrna, Florida and ultimately receive my certification in both landscapes and florals.  Well why not?  I at that time had no intention of actually teaching any classes, I just thought what a great idea, a vacation at the beach and taking art classes, how can you lose?  


I did find out during the course of those classes that I had what it takes to teach.  I do have the skills needed to paint,  I have the ability to teach, I have communication skills and patience.  I loved downtown Kingman and want to help to bring people here to experience it.  I love all the antique shops, the turquoise store and of course Kingman Center for the Arts, so I approached them about teaching and have been teaching on a monthly basis.

Crystal Palmer

Drawing & Graphic Design


Crystal Palmer grew up in Kingman, Arizona, and moved to Phoenix after graduation to attend art school. After earning her Art degree, she continued to live in Phoenix, where she worked as a graphic artist, got married, earned a Biology degree, and started a family. Part of Crystal’s heart never left Kingman, and, in 2015, she and her family made the move back to her hometown.  She continues to work as an artist, while staying home with her two little girls. Her artistic passions are figure drawing, portraits, storyboarding, and hand-drawn animation. Crystal is happy to be back in Kingman, and enjoys helping to make art accessible to her hometown community.